What is The Ding Stinger App?

If you have anything to do with Paintless Dent Repair you need this app. The Ding Stinger app has the easiest to use interface on the market today! Estimate hail damage quickly and easily with a dent count button, just tap and count, always assuring you are getting accurate numbers for fast insurance approvals. Measure and estimate door dings and creases with ease, answer just a few questions and have an amount to estimate for your customers’ repairs.

The Ding Stinger is an estimate, invoicing and supplement tool for body shops, Paintless Dent Repair businesses, and service drive consultants at car and truck dealerships. Any automotive business can benefit from using The Ding Stinger app. [ Get the App – IT’S FREE TO DOWNLOAD! ]

What about part pricing?

This is one reason we can keep the price low for our users. Part databases that are constantly updated are very expensive. We have found that part prices change a lot. The Ding Stinger has generic pricing for parts. When you receive insurance claim paper work you can easily correct pricing or if needed contact your local dealer supplier for current pricing and availability.

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Click here to get the app

Click here to get the app