The Ding Stinger App: FAQ’s


How do I put my company information into the app?
From The Ding Stinger App’s home page press the settings button and fill out the fields with your information in the settings screen fields, when done press save button. All information will be displayed on PDF Estimates and Invoices.

How do I save Estimates and Invoices?
When you first set up your User Settings with The Ding Stinger App, you will be asked if you want to use iCloud. If you do not use iCloud, estimates will be saved locally to your device. You can access them from the home screen by pressing the existing estimates button. If you use iCloud, these estimates are stored in the iCloud and can be accessed by any of your devices that are logged in to your iCloud.

How did you set up pricing for Paintless Dent Repairs?
The Ding Stinger App uses the most up to date pricing matrix used by the insurance industry and are pre loaded in the app, it is constantly updated.

Is the R&I pricing accurate for all model vehicles?
Not individual models. All R&I pricing is based on most common pricing for common parts. You can edit and change the R&I pricing yourself based on insurance paperwork or by the experience of the tech doing repairs. The Ding Stinger App does not use a parts database for individual models. This puts you in control of your own pricing.

How much does The Ding Stinger App add for Oversize dents and Double Oversize dents?
$40 per Oversize and $80 per Double oversize.

Does The Ding Stinger App add for aluminum and double panels or oversize roofs?
YES! Each panel has easy to use settings that add 25% for these situations and documents them for your customers and insurance adjusters.

What if there is a part on a vehicle not listed in The Ding Stinger App?
You can create any part and edit them based on ANY individual vehicle. There is a Create Custom Panel Screen, use this to name any part you want to add AND add the R&I for it once you have created the custom panel.  The Ding Stinger App is designed to create custom estimates that benefit your business.

Is The Ding Stinger App designed for hail damage only?
No! You can use The Ding Stinger App for dealership damage, door dings, minor dents and even scratches! Each panel has a notes section that shows up on estimates so you can use The Ding Stinger App for multiple applications. You can even do cosmetic damage and conventional estimates with The Ding Stinger App as well.

Can you write conventional estimates with The Ding Stinger App?
On each panel estimate screen you will find pre loaded refinish and blend times for each panel. (You can even get replacement panel pricing and use in the app) If you can estimate body repair times you can write a conventional “estimate” with R&I for your customers. We do not recommend this app for full collision estimation, only smaller conventional jobs.

Does The Ding Stinger App VIN Decoder work on all devices?
No, it will work with iPad 3 and newer or iPhone 4S and newer ONLY.
The Vin Decoder may only capture VIN number for time saving reasons. On some vehicles you may need to manually enter the Make and Model.

Can I make notes on each vehicle I write an estimate for?
Yes You Can!  The Ding Stinger App allows you to make notes on each panel per vehicle or each photo of a vehicle. The Ding Stinger App makes for a great check-in tool for customers vehicles and for rental car check outs.