The Ding Stinger App is a state-of-the-art vehicle check-in tool. It will capture photos and notes of existing damage to a vehicle your shop takes in for repairs. Many times, auto repair shops are blamed for damage to a vehicle that they have performed work on, for instance, scratches or dents and dings. Currently, out dated check-in sheets and notes are often lost or ignored in the hustle of doing business.

The Ding Stinger can help you organize this information with just a few keystrokes, protecting your bottom line. Ding Stinger can even act as an up-selling tool to network with local vendors and sublet these repairs out to mobile businesses while the vehicle is in your shop. This can help your business become a one stop shop for auto related repairs. See our video tutorial section for more information.

Vehicle Check-In

The Ding Stinger App provides your automotive related business with a blanket of security. Using date and time stamped photos and notes, Ding Stinger ‘stings the dings’ that a customer may not even notice on their car. Sometimes a small scratch or a dent will stand out to a customer once they arrive to pick up their vehicle.

Your business may get blamed for that damage! Automotive paint work can get really expensive really fast. If a customer blames you for a scratch on their bumper, it could end up costing your business hundreds–if not thousands– of dollars. Protect your bottom line by using the Ding Stinger and create a more thorough check-in procedure for your business.

Paintless Dent Repair Pricing

The Ding Stinger App includes an extensive Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) pricing matrix. This is an up to date pricing structure which covers every aspect of PDR including hail repair, door dings, large dents and creases, bumper repair, and motorcycle PDR (MPDR). R&I Times can be added as well as corrosion protection and up-charges related to repairs. For more information visit our Video tutorials section.