The Ding Stinger App is now available to download on the iTunes App Store! The wait is over, thank you to everyone who made this possible. The excitement is building and the word is spreading, have you checked out the Ding Stinger App? It is free to download and easy to get the feel for.

If you see it as being something you want to use, just visit the in-App store and purchase a subscription, you will then be able to save, edit, share, and print all of your estimates and invoices! The Ding Stinger is a solid stand alone estimating platform that is guaranteed to increase the productivity of your auto related business.

Any shop that takes a vehicle in for repairs or maintenance NEEDS THIS APP! Why? The Ding Stinger App is designed to be an all-in-one check in system. When a vehicle is dropped off, users can enter the customer name, scan the VIN barcode, obtain vehicle information such as license plate # and mileage, and take photos of any existing damage not related to repairs. This information is all time and date stamped to protect your business from fraudulent – or ignorant – claims and can be shared via e-mail, PDF, or the iCloud.

Those of you in the industry know how important it is to accurately check-in a customer’s vehicle, and with the Ding Stinger, this process is reduced to seconds! Also it offers you the opportunity to accurately price Paintless Dent Repair and up-sell it to your customers.

Selling just one or two jobs per month will pay for your subscription to the App! So what are you waiting for? Visit the App Store now and download The Ding Stinger!